Use on Windows

Clash for Windows User's Guide

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  • 1 Register and Login 『速子云』 , Subscribe a plan
  • 2 Download and decompress Clash for Windows , Go to the unzipped directory, double click 『Clash for Windows.exe』. The Windows security prompt may appear when you open the software for the first time. Check all and click allow.
  • 3 Dashboard , click Quick Subscription , Click on the pop-up menu bar Export to Clash For Windows
  • 4 Click 『Profiles』on the left side of Clash, After a successful import, on the right side it will appear:『速子云』 ➡︎ Click 『Proxies』on the left side of Clash, Click Rule at the top right ➡︎ Click 『🟢 节点选择』 to expand the list of servers, Select a server ➡︎ Click 『General』on the left side, Open 『System Proxy』and 『Start with Windows』🎉🎉🎉


  • Still not working
  • ❶ Check whether other VPN software is open at the same time, and whether other VPN plug-ins are enabled in the browser. Please exit, disable or uninstall all of them. ❷ Please strictly refer to the tutorial to set, please do not turn on the option that you do not understand. ❸ If you still can't connect successfully, please contact online customer service for assistance..
  • How to switch servers
  • Click Proxies, select a server in the 『🟢 节点选择』
  • Powerful policy group functionality
  • You can access different services using different servers according to your needs. For example, if you want to watch Netflix using a Hong Kong node and use ChatGPT with a US node, you can select the Hong Kong node for the 『🔴 Netflix』 policy and the US node for the 『🟡 OpenAI』 policy.