How to use Tachyun

Use on different Devices

Please use Chrome、Safari or other no-Chinese browser to visit this site.

clash for android
Android 7 or above
  • Brand new UI style, simple and fast.
  • Unblock websites and applicationsprotect your privacy in China.
clash for linux
iOS 9 or above
  • Probably one of the iOS platform easy to use VPN.
  • It all runs smoothly and intuitively.
clash for windows
Windows 7 or above
  • our proprietary servers ensure the fastest VPN speed, most stable and secured connections.
  • 99.99% high-speed global internet.
macOS 10.5 or above
  • An excellent VPN for an excellent price.
  • Gives you blazing fast speed on macOS.
V2rayNG android
Android 7 or above
  • Unblock websites and applications protect your privacy in China.
  • Smart Installer with Smooth Experience.
V2rayN Windows
Windows 7 or above
  • Tachyun offers a stable VPN connection in China.
  • A free and powerful proxy client on Windows.
loon ios
推荐 iOS 9 以上
  • iOS 上 Clash 内核代理工具
  • 高可用链路, 带来出众的流畅体验
推荐 Windeos 7 以上
  • iOS 上优秀的代理工具
  • 高可用链路, 带来出众的流畅体验
clash for linux
适用于 Ubuntu,Debian,Centos等
  • iOS 上优秀的代理工具
  • 高可用链路, 带来出众的流畅体验