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Shadowrocket User's Guide

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  • 1 Register and Login 『速子云』 , Subscribe a plan
  • 2 In the App Store, install Shadowrocket Knowledge Base .
  • 3 Dashboard , click Quick Subscription , Click on the pop-up menu bar Export to Shadowrocket
  • 4 After successful import, Click Tachyun on the Shadowrocket to expand servers list, Select one ➡︎ Turn on the connection switch at the top🎉🎉🎉(VPN Permission reminders will pop up when first enabled, click Allow)


  • How to Update Subscription
  • Update subscriptions manually:On the Shadowrocket ➡︎ Slide Tachyun column to the right > click 『Update』
    Set up automatic updates:Click 『Settings』, at the bottom of Shadowrocket ➡︎ click 『Subscribe』 → Check 『Update On Open』 and『Auto Background Update』.
  • How to add config manually
  • Dashboard , click Quick Subscription , Click on the pop-up menu bar Copy Subscription URL
    On the Shadowrocket → click ➕ ➡︎ Type: Subscribe ,URL: paste the copied Subscription URL ➡︎ Remarks: Tachyun ➡︎ click 『Done』.
  • How to enable rule group and enhanced modules?
  • By importing powerful policy groups and advanced modules, we can achieve a more user-friendly experience and additional features with the help of Shadowrocket.
    Rule Group: You can access different services using different servers based on your needs. For example, if you want to watch Netflix using a Hong Kong server while using ChatGPT with a US server, you can select the Hong Kong server for the 『🔴 Netflix』 policy and the US server for the 『🟡 OpenAI』 policy.
    Enhancement modules: With the help of Shadowrocket, you can enable various additional features such as ad-blocking, enabling premium features on YouTube, Spotify, and other applications.