Use on Android

V2rayNG User's Guide

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  • 1 Register and Login 『速子云』 , Subscribe a plan
  • 2 Download and install V2rayNG
  • 3 Knowledge Base , Click Android ➡︎ Click 『Copy V2Ray Config URL』 in V2rayng
  • 4 Open V2rayNG, Click the menu icon at the upper left corner ➡︎ Click『Subscription setting』 ➡︎ Click ➕ at the upper right corner, remarks:Tachyun, url:Paste the copied V2Ray Config URL ➡︎ Click the save icon at the upper right corner ✔️ ➡︎ Exit subscription settings
  • 5 click 『settings』 ➡︎ Find 『Predefined rules』 ➡︎ 『Select Bypassing LAN and mainland address the proxy』➡︎ Exit Settings page.tutorial.v2rayng.config-v2rayng-3-1
  • 6 Click the menu icon at the upper right corner ➡︎ Click『update subscription』 ➡︎ Select a server,click the start icon at the lower right corner. 🎉🎉🎉(Click OK to accept the connection request for the first time)


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